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Please note that this information is based on the Collective Agreement between VR and The Confederation of Icelandic Employers (Samtök atvinnulífsins, SA).

This is a translation only, in matters of dispute, please refer to the original in Icelandic. For further assistance, please contact VR's Service center, tel.: 510 1700 or by emailing us,

Collective agreement between VR and SA
  • Collective agreement 2016

    New collective wage agreements between VR and Samtök Atvinnulífsins (SA – Business Iceland) and between VR and The Icelandic federation of Trade (FA) were signed on 29 May 2015.

  • Wages

    Wage agreements between employer and employee shall reflect the employee’s work contribution, competence, educational qualifications and skills, and also the nature of the job and the responsibility it involves.

  • December & holiday bonuses

    The December bonus for 2017 based on full-time employment, shall be ISK 86.000. Holiday bonus for 2017, based on full-time employment, shall be ISK 46.500. Holiday and December bonus entitlement earned during maternity/paternity leave.

  • Working time

    Daytime work of shop workers. Daytime work of office workers and salesmen. After-hours work, overtime and work on major public holidays .

  • Meal & coffee breaks

    Meal breaks/ Coffee breaks. Meal and coffee breaks outside the daytime work period. Other meal and coffee breaks. Meal and coffee breaks on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

  • Annual holiday

    Minimum annual holiday shall be 24 working days. Annual holiday pay shall be 10.17% of all wage payments, whether at daytime, after-hours or overtime rates.

  • Wages during absence due to illness and accidents

    Wages during absence due to illness and accidents in the first year. Wages in cases of illness and accidents after one year. Medical certificates. Children’s illnesses and leave due to circumstances beyond the individual’s control.

  • Notice of termination

    Notice of termination shall always be given in writing. After the trial period, notice of termination shall furthermore take effect at the change of month.