Athugið að þessi frétt er meira en ársgömul.
Vr Covid19

News - 30.07.2020

VR‘s reception closed due to COVID-19

The reception of VR union will be closed from Friday, July 31. This is due to an increase of COVID-19 cases in Iceland and while it is being contained VR will only offer members services remotely. This is done in the interest of members‘ well being.

All information on VR‘s services can be found on the union’s website. All inquiries by phone 510 1700 will be answered as soon as possible during office hours between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm as well as inquiries sent to our email address,, or VR‘s Facebook page.

VR Sick Pay Fund

Members can apply for sickness payments via My Pages on VR´s website. Please send all necessary documents along with your application.

In order to apply for death benefits, you can access an application form here. Please scan the form and the necessary documents and send to Please apply for benefits due to the death of a members’ child/children via My Pages. More on benefits here.

Members can scan and send applications, documents, certificates and other necessary information to

VR Contingency Fund and vocational training funds

You can apply for grants from the VR Contingency Fund and the vocational training funds via My Pages.

Assistance by VR‘s specialists 

You can contact VR´s advisors for assistance regarding employment terms and collective wage agreements by phone in 510 1700, or email

Holiday cottages

You can book and pay for holiday cottages on My Pages or send inquiries to


Individuals will be able to stay in contact with their adviser through remote services. All interviews will also be conducted through remote services while the office is closed.