Harpa Sævarsdóttir

Date of birth
May 8th, 1971

Reykjavik and surroundings



My name is Harpa Sævarsdóttir, I am running in the upcoming VR board members elections this year for the fifth term. I was first elected to the board of VR for the term of 2014-2016 then I was a reserve board member for one year and then I was elected again to the board in the year 2017 and I am currently serving as the Vice Chairman on the board. In October 2018 I was elected to the central committee of the ASI where I was the chairman of the Equality and employment subcommittee within ASI. During all this time I have gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of various issues concerning the struggle for improved salaries and workers’ rights.

As you all may know, we at VR have many holiday cottages all around the country which are available to members. All through my service as a board member at VR, I have been on the holiday committee. I am very interested in the holiday cottages affairs which we have done well improving over the years. Among issues that have been improved, are the increased acceptance of members bringing their pets to the cottages.

In addition to being on the holiday committee I have also been on the legal committee, salary committee, workers dispute committee and various other committees. I served as the chairman of the pension fund board members selection committee. Having served on all these different committees has given me vast experience and a very good insight into workers’ rights issues which our great union VR stands for and the good things it does for us all as members. I would very much like to continue working towards improving the rights and wages of our members as well as equality and fairness for all.

As we all know, we still find ourselves in an environment where inequality of many variants is an ongoing issue unresolved. It is heartbreaking that we still need to fight for equal pay for women, the gender pay gap issue is one that we as a society must eradicate once and for all. In many cases there are young people and people of foreign origins who have not been informed of their rights which makes them more vulnerable to misuse in their work environment. For this reason, I would like to make a special effort to inform VR members of their rights they are entitled to such as mandatory employment contracts, work hours and sick days to name a few issues.

It is very important for an employee to know their basic rights you can learn more about your right on the VR website under my pages. I hope you will all use your right to vote in the upcoming elections as your vote matters and I hope I will get your vote and support.

If you need any assistance to vote or if you have any other questions, you can send me email on harpasaev@gmail.com