Sigurður Sigfússon

Date of birth
1 May, 1948

Area of operation
Reykjavík and environs

Workplace, job title and education
Studied at the Bifröst Cooperative School and higher education at the Norwegian Cooperative School. I have attended a lot of courses throughout my long career, e.g. in management, photography and image processing.

Treasurer at Dalvíkurbær in 1969 but then worked for Samvinnuhreyfingin from 1970 as shop consultant and branch manager of KÁ in Laugarvatn, founder and shop manager of Sambandið's employee shop, teacher at Bifröst Cooperative School but was recruited by Oliufélagið hf. ESSO/N1 in 1983. Since then, I have been employed there as a gas station operations manager, regional manager, service manager, marketing specialist and for the last few years of employment for the N1 Employee Association and Festival employee association. Also employed by the Reykjavík Forestry Association.


Experience in community engagement

Chairman of the ESSO Employee Association from 2000-2004. On the board and later chairman of VR’s Department of Cooperative Workers. I have been a member of the Board of VR since the department was abolished in 1996, first as an alternate, but as a Board Member since 2000. On the board of the Cooperative Pension Fund/Stafi Pension Fund for years. I have been the Chairman of VR's Sickness Fund. I am on the Board of VR’s Gerontology Board, on the Board of the Cooperative Committee for the Affairs of the Elderly which works under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Labour Market, on the Board of the Gerontology Board of Iceland and on the Board of Eir nursing home. Also on the Board of Trade and Office Workers' Training Fund, VR's Legal Committee and VR's Grants Committee.
Chairman of the Board of the VR Holiday Pay Fund from 2012 to 2021, and in my work for VR I have focused on that field in recent years.

Main focuses

VR Vacation fund. The number of holiday cottages and apartments of the vacation fund has increased by more than half in recent years, from 40 to 85 properties. A total of over 100 cottages/apartments will be rented out to members this summer. In addition, there is now a great campsite in Miðhúsaskógur, greatly improved facilities for the supervisor there and a new machine shed. One of the reasons why I am running again for VR’s Board is that I want to run again for the Chairmanship of the vacation fund, to continue this amazing development and then to finish paving the road up to the holiday cottage area in Miðhúskaskógur, which has been on the agenda of VR for many years and is one of my issues, even though it's going slowly!

In terms of wage issues, I will continue to uphold the policy of stabilising Iceland and at the same time ensuring the purchasing power of the wages we are paid. I will defend VR’s new collective wage agreement. Preparations have begun for the next collective wage agreement, where remote work will be one of the key issues. An increase in the personal tax credit benefits us all, and the gender wage gap must be eliminated, but above all, the purchasing power of the wages we are paid must be ensured.
The equal pay certification is an important tool in the fight for gender pay equity and equality.
Abolishing cuts to social security’s retirement, disability and rehabilitation pension due to employment income is also a priority.

Changes must be made to the VR Contingency fund with the aim of better serving the members who receive the lowest wages. I have advocated for improvements in this area and will continue to do so.

VR provides excellent services to its members and I am proud of my work for the company in recent years and request a mandate to continue that work