Looking for a job?

Use your time well!

We want to help to increase your chances of finding a new job!
VR offers a new service to members who are at a crossroads in their careers.
VR's job counselors are highly experienced in job-searching and giving advice and good tips that are useful immediately.

1. Let‘s look at your information
What can often make all the difference when looking for a job, is having clear and organized information about yourself and can be your ticket to a job interview.
VR offers advice regarding CV writing, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, etc.
We encourage members who want assistance with the look, layout and content of their information package to send us an email to the email address atvinnumal@vr.is and we will review it for you.

2. Assessing your options
Changing jobs or going into a new line of work can be nerve-wracking, tiring, and can test your patience.

VR offers it‘s members advice on their options in the labour market and what opportunities are available regarding job search as well as vocational training.
We encourage those VR members who want advice with job applications and job search to send an e-mail to atvinnumal@vr.is and we will look into the matter.

3. Job interview training
Going in for a job interview can be stressful and many people experience the same feeling as when they take an exam.
VR offers members a training interview with similar circumstances as if it was a real job interview.
In the training interview, members are given the opportunity to practice and also receive feedback on the interview performance.
We encourage those members who want to try a training interview to send an e-mail to atvinnumal@vr.is and we will book an interview.

Indirect services

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