VR members can apply for grants from three funds. From the Sick-pay fund, VR members can apply for e.g. sickness per diem payments, accident per diem payments and death benefits. VR members can also apply for grants from the VR Contingency fund. For example grants for fitness costs, rehabilitation costs and the purchase of support equipment such as spectacles and hearing aids.

VR is a member of the Vocational training fund (Starfsmenntasjóður) where members can apply for grants for vocational training, leisure education and travel costs in accordance with the rules of the fund.

Application forms (electronic) for these funds can be found on "Mínar síður" here in the upper right corner of this site.

VR Sick-pay fund

Everyone who has paid a membership fee for one month is entitled to assistance from VR and to sickness benefits.

VR contingency fund

The VR contingency fund combines the member entitlements from various different funds into one fund which members can utilise with great freedom and flexibility.

Vocational training fund

A fund member, with a salary equal to or higher than the initial salary of a salesperson, has a right to a 130.000 ISK grant each calendar year.