Subsidy for accommodation

VR offers its members a subsidy for domestic accommodation costs during the summer of 2021. VR pays grants to members so that the bill for domestic accommodation is subsidized by 70% but to a maximum of ISK 10,000. for each member. This is offered a temporarily due to COVID-19.

Please note that members can not take advantage of such a subsidy with other VR holiday-related options, ie a subsidy for renting campers or for booking of a VR holiday cottage in the summer of 2021. This is an offer for accommodation hire only from 2 May - 15 September 2021. The subsidy must be applied for before October 30, 2021, after that date it is closed for application.

Members are asked to keep in mind the following regarding income tax on these subsidies:
Payments from an employer, or, as the case may be, a trade union, which are intended to cover the cost of renting holiday cottages or for the payment of other holiday accommodation, shall not be taxable if they do not exceed ISK 55,000. over a one year period. This is on the condition that the employee/member submits a valid invoice for the payment of the costs of this holiday rental.

Application for subsidy of accommodation can be found on My pages under "More".