Annual holiday

Minimum annual holiday shall be 24 working days. Annual holiday pay shall be 10.17% of all wage payments, whether at daytime, after-hours or overtime rates. When calculating annual holiday, a divisor of 21.67 shall be used (Saturdays are not included). The first 5 Saturdays are not counted as part of annual holiday.

Holiday taken outside the annual holiday period

Those who, at the request of their employers, do not receive annual holiday when it is assumed in law that holiday will normally be taken, i.e. during the period from 2 May to 15 September each year, shall receive a 25% extension of the part of holiday leave granted outside the aforementioned period, or increase in the equivalent payment.

Holiday supplement

Following 5 years’ employment in the same occupation, employees shall have 25 days’ annual holiday, and holiday pay shall be 10.64%. After 5 years’ employment in the same company, employees shall be entitled to 27 days’ holiday and holiday pay shall be 11.59%. Following 10 years in the same company, employees’ holiday entitlement shall be 30 days, and holiday pay shall be 13.04%.

An entitlement acquired as a result of a period of work with the same employer shall become active again following three year’s work for a new company, providing it has been verified. Holiday in excess of 20 days may be granted during the winter, unless other arrangements are negotiated.

Decision on timing of holiday

The timing of holidays shall be a matter of agreement between employer and employee.