How to vote

VR will hold a secret ballot to elect a president for VR and seven board members. The voting will begin at 9:00 am 8th March 2021 and will end at 12:00 noon on 12th March 2021. Presentations of candidates may be accessed on the web, see list of candidates for president here and see list of candidates for the executive board here.

Who is entitled to vote?

All VR members who are members in good standing (full members) are entitled to vote. Also entitled to vote are senior members (retired) who paid some dues in their 67th year and had paid dues for at least 50 of the 60 months from age 62 to 67.

If you believe you are entitled to vote but do not have access to the ballot, please send a complaint to the VR election committee, VR, Kringlunni 7, 103, Reykjavik or by mail to VR’s election committee

How to vote

The voting is electronic and access to electronic ballot papers is on the VR website. To access the ballot, you need an IceKey or a Digital certificate. For assistance, please contact the VR service center by calling 510 1700.