Blær Housing Foundation

Registration for the waitlist for the allocation of the first Blær rental apartments is now open until June 16th. Registration takes place on "My Pages" on The allocation of the first apartments is scheduled for September, with delivery at the end of 2024. Members who wish to apply for an apartment must register on the list and pay an annual fee of ISK 2,900. Once registration concludes, applicants will be randomly ordered on the waitlist, and those registered will be assigned a number corresponding to this order. It does not matter when during the period from April 16th to June 16th members register; the list will be randomly ordered before the application process for the first apartments begins.

How do I get an apartment?

Members on the waitlist will receive an email with information about the apartments as the application period approaches, which runs from July 1st to September 6th, 2024. Those with the lowest numbers will be higher on the list and have priority in the allocation.

After registration for the waitlist for the first apartments closes on June 16th, registration for a general waitlist will open with a "first come, first served" arrangement. Members will be assigned a number on the list in the order their application is received. All members on the waitlist will receive information about the apartments as they become available, but those at the top of the list and with the lowest number will always have priority in the application process, subject to meeting the allocation criteria.

Are there conditions for allocation?

There are no conditions for registering on Blær's waitlist other than submitting an application with general information, paying the membership fee, and being at least 18 years old. However, there are five main conditions for being allocated an available apartment when an individual is at the top of the waitlist:

  1. The individual must have been a full VR member for at least 24 months during the last 36 months at the time of allocation.
  2. The individual must not have owned real estate in the last five years at the time of allocation.
  3. The individual must have reached the age of 21 by the time of allocation (although they may register on the waitlist at 18).
  4. The individual must have accurately registered their information and be in good standing with Blær regarding the payment of the membership fee.
  5. The individual can only apply for an apartment that matches their family size.
    The last condition regarding family size is set to ensure that the apartments are used efficiently and to avoid situations where a single individual occupies an apartment with multiple bedrooms designed for larger families. Standards for apartment sizes are outlined in the following table:

Apartment Type

Allocation Based On

Number of Bedrooms

Studio apartment

Individual, childless couples/partners*


Two-bedroom apartment

Individual, childless couples/partners*


Three-bedroom apartment

Single parent with one or more children, couples/partners* with one or more children


Four-bedroom apartment

Single parent with two or more children, couples/partners* with two or more children


Five-bedroom apartment

Single parent with three or more children, couples/partners* with three or more children


*Must be registered cohabitation

Family size rules assume that there should be no more than two people per bedroom, but an exception is made for children who are still of preschool age. Parents with joint custody of a child/children can be on the waitlist for a family apartment, and applicants expecting a child can apply for a larger apartment according to the expected family size, upon presenting a pregnancy certificate.

Other issues

The allocation rules of Blær specify various other issues. For instance, pet ownership in Blær apartment buildings will be subject to the approval of 2/3 of residents who share an entrance or staircase. Tenants will not be permitted to sublease apartments or parts thereof, but special exemptions from this prohibition may be sought from the Blær arbitration board, e.g., for temporary stays abroad. If an exemption is granted, the sublease period must not exceed two years and must be a continuous period.
The rules also provide for a special relocation list, which is a waitlist for those living in Blær-managed housing who wish to move to a new apartment, e.g., due to changes in family size or to change neighborhoods. Every fourth apartment that becomes available will be reserved for the relocation list, but to register, an individual must have lived in Blær-managed housing for at least two years and meet all general allocation conditions. The relocation list is intended to enhance housing security for residents by allowing them to choose housing that best suits their needs at any given time.

Further questions?

If anything is unclear we encourage you to read Blær's allocation rules and check out the FAQ. Further enquires can be directed via email to