VR’s Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement describes how VR., ID no. 690269-2019, Kringlan 7, 103 Reykjavík, and Starfsmenntasjóður verslunar- og skrifstofufólks, ID No. 660700-2420, Kringlan 7, 103 Reykjavík manage the collection, registration, processing, storage, and sharing of personally identifiable information about their members and individuals who visit the company's website, www.vr.is, whether the personal information is stored electronically, on paper or by other means.
VR processes all personal information in accordance with current Personal Data Protection Act in effect in Iceland at any given time, as well as the relevant provisions contained in the EEA Agreement. The Act covers, e.g., the processing, storing and sharing of personal information.

Personal data protection is important to VR

Strong personal data protection is extremely important to VR, and we recognise the importance of respecting the rights of our members, as well as ensuring that all handling of personal data remains in compliance with applicable regulations at any time and in accordance with the best practices of comparable bodies.

  • VR collects the following personal information about you as a member of VR:

    Name; ID number; Address; Phone number; Email address; Emails; Communication history; Workplace; Bank details; Payslips, employment contracts and other data related to the employment relationship of members who use the services of the VR Employment Terms Department; Relationship status; Family number; Premiums; Sickness benefits and grants from the Sickness Fund; Grants from the Vocational Training Fund; Grants from the Reserve Fund; Information on holiday cottage rentals; Purchased gift certificates and cards; Photographs of unsatisfactory conduct in holiday cottages; Footage from security cameras in Kringlan 7;

    VR also collects the following personal information that falls under specific categories of personal information

    Nationality; Trade union membership; Health information.

    • Calculate the membership fee and the rights of each member
    • To protect the interests of members.
    • Carry out surveys and data processing, such as for wage trends and to be able to make salary comparisons for professions for public publication.
    • To enable VR to have sufficient communications with its members through phone, email and/or mail.
    • Comply with the laws on accounting and payments to the tax authorities
    • Be able to pay sickness benefits and grants from the VR Sickness Fund, according to the rules of the Sickness Fund
    • Be able to sell gift certificates (airlines, etc.) and allocate holiday cottages and collect rent for them, according to the rules of the Holiday Fund
    • Be able to pay out grants from the Reserve Fund and update the status of members, according to the rules of the Reserve Fund
    • Prevent repeated unsatisfactory conduct in holiday cottages/apartments
    • Ensure the safety of members and the company's assets
    • Enable VR employees to claim a member's contractual right to what is agreed upon in the collective wage agreement (with or without the help of VR's attorney)
    • Give members the opportunity to vote for the board of VR and also make it easier for candidates to reach members before elections
    • Make it possible for members to vote when there is an election on collective wage agreements and a strike call
  • VR collects and processes personal information based on the following authorisations:

    • To fulfil contractual obligations
    • To fulfil legal obligations
    • To protect the vital interests of members
    • To protect the vital interests of the company

    These actions are necessary to manage the company’s operations and include the need to collect and process personal information.

  • The policy of VR is to not register, collect, process or store personal information for children under 13 years of age except where this is necessary in order to pay benefits due to death, illness or accident.

  • VR stores personal information for the time necessary to fulfil the object of the processing as described above.


  • We collect personal information from you, your employer, public authorities and pension funds. We also collect medical certificates and in some cases other data when members apply for funding from the VR Sickness Fund.

  • Under no circumstances does VR sell personal information about you.
    VR only discloses personal information to third parties as required by law or in the case of a service provider, agent or contractor who is appointed by VR to work a predetermined task. In such cases, VR enters into a processing agreement with the party receiving the personal information. Such agreements stipulate, for example, the obligation of processors to keep your personal information safe and to not use it for other purposes.

    VR also shares personal information with third parties when this is necessary to protect the vital interests of members, such as in the collection of unpaid claims. VR has entered into an agreement with the company's attorney that covers the collection of salary claims on behalf of the members and takes into account the new legislation on personal protection, Act no. 90/2018.

    VR’s Privacy Policy does not extend to information or processing by third parties; we have no control or responsibility for the use, disclosure or other work by them. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the personal privacy policy of third parties, e.g. the web hosting providers of sites that may refer to our website.

  • You are entitled to receive:

    • Information on what personal information VR has about you and their origin, as well as information on the manner in which your personal information is processed
    • Access to the personal information processed about you and to request that such information is sent to a third party

    You are also entitled to:

    • Have your personal information updated and corrected if necessary
    • Have VR delete your personal information if there are no objective reasons or legal obligations to store such information
    • Submit your objections if you wish to limit or prevent the processing of your information
    • Receive information on whether automatic decision making is carried out, what the reasoning is behind such decision making and a review made of such automatic decision making
    • Submit a complaint to regulatory bodies should you see reason to do so

    If you want to exercise your rights, you can send a written inquiry to personuverndarfulltrui@vr.is. We request that with the inquiry, you provide a completed form, click here to download the form. We will confirm receipt of the request and will normally respond to requests within a month from receipt. In the event that it is not possible to respond within one month, we will notify you of the delay within one month.

  • Security during the processing of personal information is important to VR, and we have taken the appropriate technical and organisational security measures to ensure the protection of your personal information in tune with our policies on security. Only VR employees have access to members' data and access controls are in place as only those employees who work with the relevant data for their work have access to it.

    In the event of a security violation involving your personal information and when such violation is considered to pose considerable risk to your freedom and rights, we will notify you without undue delay. In this sense, a security violation is considered an event that results in your personal information being lost or deleted, changed, disclosed or accessed by an unauthorised person. Here, however, we want to draw attention to the fact that the personal information you share with us on social media, e.g. on the VR’s Facebook page, is considered public information and not under the control of the company, as VR cannot control such information and is not responsible for its use or disclosure. If you do not want to share that information with other users or social media providers, do not share information on our social media site.

  • So-called cookies* are used on the website to count visits to the website and to identify recurring users.

    It is VR's policy to minimise the use of cookies. Users of the website can set their browsers so that they notify about cookies or reject them altogether.

    VR uses Google Analytics for web measurements. A few items are collected on each visit to the site, e.g. time and date, search words, originating website, and type of browser and operating system. This information can be used for improving and developing the website, e.g. information on the material accessed most often and more. No further information is collected, and we make no effort linking such information to other personally identifiable information.

    Siteimprove's service is used on the website in a similar way to Google Analytics, for example to count visits and to find broken links that users click on.

    * cookies - files that are placed on the computer of the user visiting the website in question and store information about the visit.
    See further information about cookies here.

  • On "My Pages" and elsewhere on the website, you can fill in forms, e.g. due to fund applications and event registration. The VR website uses an SSL ID, which means that all communication and data transfer is more secure due to encryption.

    SSL IDs prevent unscrupulous parties from gaining access to data sent over the website, such as passwords. With such IDs, information sent between web server users is encrypted, and the data transferred between them arrives in the right place in a secure manner.

  • If you would like more information about issues relating to your personal information, please contact the VR office.

    Kringlan 7
    103 Reykjavik
    Telephone. 510 1700

    Netfang: personuverndarfulltrui@vr.is

  • VR’s Privacy Statement is reviewed regularly and updated if necessary.

    The most recent update of the policy was on 19.10.2021.