About VR

VR (the Store and Office Workers’ Union) was founded in 1891 by wage earners and employers in the commercial area as Verzlunarmannafélag Reykjavíkur and became a pure union of wage earners on the 28th of February 1955. The union’s name was changed to VR at the annual general meeting on the 26th of April 2006.

The purpose of the union is to work on improved terms and increased rights of its members.
The president of VR is Ragnar Þór Ingólfsson.

About the Board of Directors

The Union's Articles of Association provides for the membership of the Board of Directors and their election. The President is elected on a personal basis every other year as are seven board members.

List of board members, in Icelandic

Articles of Association, in Icelandic

About the Shop Stewards Committee

The role of the Shop Stewards Committee is defined in the Union’s Articles of Association. The Shop Stewards Committee shall advise the Board of Directors on any major issues that may arise in the operation of the Union. The Shop Stewards Committee consists, in addition to the Board, of 82 members or a total of 100 members. VR’s Chairman is also the Chairman of the Shop Stewards Committee.

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VR subdivisions

There are three subdivisions within VR, in east Iceland, south Iceland and in Vestmannaeyjar. The role of a subdivision includes involvement in the common interests of employees within sectors, encouraging their education and addressing employment terms issues.