Wage Developments

It is important for you to read the following text before you start calculating

Choose your initial month and final month and enter your wage. Please note that the final month is based on three months retroactively for the calculation of the VR wage index. The assumption must be that the work proportion and work hours are comparable in both months.

If you wish to see your wages for a whole year, it is best to choose the same month for each year. You can print out the summary which will show the following:

  • Change in wage in the reference period.
  • Change in the consumer price index.
  • Change in the purchasing power of wages.
  • Change in the VR wage index.
  • Change in the wage index of Statistics Iceland.
  • Wage increases according to the wage agreement with SA (employers) in the period.

Here you can see wage developments over a chosen period and a comparison with changes in wage indexes and prices.

On My pages, you will find a calculator showing the development of your wages compared to others in the same or comparable job. This calculator is based on premiums paid and the registration of members in a job and a job proportion.



Time period