Company of the Year 2024

The Company of the Year survey is conducted annually among all VR members and begins in February.

For your company to be considered for selection as Company of the Year 2024, the company must guarantee all employees, regardless of union membership, the right to participate in the survey. The survey is conducted on-line only and sent out in Icelandic, English and Polish.

  • The results give a broad and reliable picture of how well the company is doing in its internal environment and how its employees view the management and their work environment. Regular participation gives you an opportunity to examine the development of the company and comparison with your competitors. The information can then be used to improve what is needed, and a good result creates a better position for the company in the fight for good and desirable employees.

  • Companies that offer all their employees the opportunity to take part in the survey must send information about the following to before January 22, 2024:

    • Social security numbers (kennitala), names, e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers of all staff - both VR union members and non-VR members.
    • Please note that for your company to be able to participate with all the company's staff, at least one employee must be a VR member.
      Note: Please send the information in a locked Excel file and the password and company name by SMS to mobile phone no. 662-0302 (survey coordinator at VR, Victor Karl Magnússon). You can also send the data directly to Gallup, where Tómas Bjarnason gives more information.
    • Name and ID number (kennitala) of your company.

    A list must be sent, even if all the company's staff are VR members, because that way you guarantee the company's participation for the selection of Company of the Year 2024.

  • Companies do not bear any costs for the participation of staff who are VR members, but can request that staff outside of VR get the right to participate also.
    The company's costs for the participation of non-VR members are as follows (figures without VAT):

    • Smaller companies (less than 29 employees) – ISK 59,900.
    • Medium-sized companies (employees between 30–69) – ISK 86,400.
    • Larger companies (70 employees or more) – ISK 106,300.

    In addition, 450 ISK is added for each non-VR member.
    Companies can also purchase a special report with the company's results that is ready for presentation to the staff. Advice for managers comes with the report and is free of charge. 

  • In May 2024, it will be announced which companies have been selected as Company of the Year, and the top companies are selected in each size category.
    Companies in the top fifteen places in each category receive the title Exemplary

    Companies, 45 in total, including the winning companies themselves. The results of all companies that reach the minimum response (35%) are published publicly on the VR website, whether all employees have had the opportunity to participate or not.

  • There are over 40 questions in VR's Company of the Year survey. They are in regard to nine key factors:

    1. management
    2. morale
    3. wages
    4. work facilities
    5. work flexibility
    6. independence in work
    7. the image of the company
    8. equality
    9. satisfaction and pride.

    Companies can then see how staff attitudes towards the main aspects of the work environment develop and change over the years and the effect of external conditions.

  • Companies can purchase a report with results for their company that is ready for presentation to the staff. The report is accompanied by advice for managers, free of charge. The cost of a report is as follows (figures without VAT):

    Costs for making the report - special analyzes from the results:

    • Smaller companies – ISK 114,600.
    • Medium-sized companies – ISK 168,900.
    • Larger companies – ISK 198,900.

    Gallup collects the costs for all staff participation and/or the report.

Gallup is in charge of conducting the survey and processing the results. The survey is only done on-line and sent out in Icelandic, English and Polish. Further information is provided by Victor Karl Magnússon at VR, and Tómas Bjarnason at Gallup,