VIRK Vocational Rehabilitation

The VIRK programme is for individuals with reduced work capacity due to loss of health that aim for an increased participation in the labour market.

Within VR there are nine VIRK consultants that work closely with the sickness fund of VR. The consultants are based in the VR office in Reykjavík. Do you have a query? Send us an e-mail to

Main requirements for VIRK assistance are:

1. The person in question is unable to fulfil their work duties in part or full, or cannot participate in the labour market because of health obstacles deriving from illness or an accident. This refers to absences from work for longer periods of time because of loss of health; physical or mental.

2. The goal of the individual is to become an active participator in the labour market, or to increase their participation in the labour market, as quickly as possible.

Further information may be found on the website of VIRK.