After-hours / night-time and overtime wages

After-hours/night time- and overtime wages according to VR and SA agreements

Work outside the daytime period is considered after-hours up to full daytime hours, i.e. 167,94 hours for shop workers and 159,27 hours for office workers. Work beyond this is considered overtime.

Night time hours are between 00:00 and 7:00. 

Overtime according to VR and FA agreements

Overtime is work performed outside normal daytime hours and on public holidays and Saturdays.

There is no after-hours work according to VR and FA agreements.

Time off instead of after-hours/overtime pay

According to the VR and SA agreement

An agreement may be reached between the employee and the employer to accrue leave due to afterhours/night time- overtime work in such a manner that after-hours/night time- overtime hours accrue for leave taking during daytime hours while the difference between after-hours/night time- overtime pay and daytime pay is paid out on the next regular wage payment date or accrues in total toward leave taking during daytime work periods. The value of worked after-hours/night time- overtime hours is to be used as the basis.

The parties are to reach an agreement as to when the leave is taken. Entitlement to leave pursuant to the above that has not been used before 1 May each year or on termination of employment is to be paid out based on the value of daytime work hours on the date of payment. Leave shall be taken by agreement and shall be organised in such a way as to cause the minimum disturbance to the functioning of the company.

Notes: One hour of after-hours work is calculated as 1.3830 hours daytime work, one worked hour of night-time work is calculated as 1.4819 hours daytime work and one hour of overtime work is calculated as 1.7441 hours of daytime work. In offices, after-hours work is calculated as 1.3936 hours daytime work, night-time work is calculated as 1.4932 and overtime work as 1.6540 hours daytime work.