31. Jul

Þórarinn Þórsson

Lunch lectures

Online lunch lecture - How to maintain good health

Instructor: Þórarinn Þórsson, social worker and counselor at VIRK rehabilitation fund at VR

It is always important to think of your health, especially in demanding times like these. Many are experiencing all kinds of emotions in these uncertain times and therefore it is important to think of our mental and physical health. We need to refill our tank on a regular basis and do something that is nourishing for our soul and body. In this lecture Þórarinn will go over things that are important for maintaining good health, how each and every one of us can improve our lives and therefore decrease the possibility of developing health problems. He will also go over valuable things on how to do something uplifting in these stressful times and good ways for us to grow individually.

This lecture will only be available online. It will be streamed at the advertised time, open throughout that day on the link and then it will go in to VR My Pages and be accessible there for 30 days.

This lecture will have English subtitles.