24. Nov
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Lunch lectures

Online lunch lecture - Psychological Safety in Teams

Lecturer: Kristrún Anna Konráðsdóttir, MPM, ACC Certified Coach and Operations Management Specialist

In times where the environment of both companies and institutions is characterised by uncertainty, speed and continuous change, we need teams, to a greater extent, to solve more complicated challenges and tasks.

But what is the key to successful teams? Studies show that so-called psychological safety plays a key role here. In this lecture, Kristrún will look at what psychological safety is and how it manifests in teams. She will also review the practical aspects regarding what can be done to build and maintain psychological safety within teams.

Kristrún Anna is independently employed as a Team Coach. She has a passion for helping other people and teams to deal with and lead changes in today’s ever-changing and complex environment. Kristrún has previously worked as a Project Manager. She has trained a great many teams toward greater success and joy and led successful technology projects, and today, she has also become a certified “Fearless Organisation Practitioner”, specialising in measurements and development of psychological safety in teams.

The lecture will only be accessible online. It will be streamed at the advertised time and available via the link for the rest of the day. It will then be available in “My Pages” on the VR website for 30 days.

This lecture will be subtitled in English.