18. Nov

Þorsteinn V. Einarsson

Teacher and MA in Gender Studies
Closed for registration

Lunch lectures

Online lunchtime lecture – Positive masculinity and equality

Lecturer: Þorsteinn V. Einarsson, teacher and MA in Gender Studies

How and why does positive masculinity promote equality, and how does toxic masculinity affect both men and women? This lecture will look at the relationship between ideas on masculinity and gender roles, shed light on typical manifestations of masculinity and point to useful ways for men to promote equality in their own environment.

Þorsteinn is a teacher with a master’s degree in Gender Studies. He runs the Karlmennskan web and podcast portal and @karlmennskan on Instagram. He gives lectures on masculinity and equality and produces programmes and educational material for social media on the topic. The lecture focuses on what we can do as individuals to have a positive effect on our lives and those of those around us, on the basis of ideas on positive masculinity.

The lecture will be available only online. It will be streamed at the advertised time and available via the link for the rest of the day. It will then available in ‘My Pages’ on the VR website for 30 days. This lecture will be subtitled in English.