23. Sep

Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson

Primary-school teacher and innovator
Ingvi OMARSSON Stanford Profile

Lunch lectures

Online lunchtime lecture – The future is now! What can I do to be ready?

Lecturer: Ingvi Hrannar Ómarsson, primary-school teacher and innovator

The future is not as uncertain as many might think. In order to thrive and prosper in the future, we need to prepare for it now – and there is plenty you can do to prepare. Machines are taking over many existing jobs, and history tells us that new jobs will emerge calling for new skills. What are these skills, and what can you do to ready yourself for the future? In this lecture, Ingvi Hrannar will go over the most important skills and abilities we need to have and develop going forward.

Ingvi Hrannar is a primary-school teacher and innovator, with a master’s degree from Stanford University, USA. He won the 2020 Icelandic Education Award for outstanding support for the professional development of Icelandic teachers, by disseminating progressive ideas on creative school work, innovation and IT. He has given lectures and led workshops worldwide on skills for the future and assisted schools and education offices with various policies and implementation.

The lecture will be available only online. It will be streamed at the advertised time and available via the link for the rest of the day. It will then available in ‘My Pages’ on the VR website for 30 days. This lecture will be subtitled in English.