New allocation rules for holiday cottages

The allocation of VR holiday cottages in the summer of 2024 will be different than previous years.

  • On My pages, members can apply for a total of three cottages, ranking their choices first, second and third.
  • Maximum rental per member is one week during the summer.
  • A new system randomly selects from applications and members who are allocated a cottage will be sent an email.
  • If a holiday cottage is or becomes available after the allocation, the first come, first serve rule applies.

Important dates

  • The application period is from 15 January till 29 February.
  • It doesn't matter when members apply during the application period, everyone has the same chance of being drawn.
  • A random drawing on 1 March determines allocation of cottages.
  • Those who are allocated a holiday cottage will be sent an email.
  • Members then have two weeks to complete the payment through My pages.
  • The same rule will apply as before, members who have been allocated a holiday cottage at any time during the last three summers cannot apply for 2024.

Summer allocation will no longer be limited to one day in January, as has been the practice in recent years.