Athugið að þessi frétt er meira en ársgömul.

News - 27.05.2021

From the VR board on vaccination priorities

The VR board welcomes the lifting of the masks mandate in stores, and elsewhere, but would like to remind everyone that a large proportion of retail staff are young people who are still unvaccinated and are therefore once again put in the position of being most at risk of infection of Covid-19.

We therefore call on the epidemiology authorities to move store frontline staff immediately to the vaccination priority group. These are the people who have been on duty and raised the bar to keep society going while a large part of the nation could avoid direct contact and also work at home at a safe distance during dangerous times.

We ask the government to show these people the care, gratitude, and respect they deserve for their service and courage – let‘s put retail staff at the front of the line of vaccinations.

Board of VR