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News - 19.01.2022

Has the fourth industrial revolution begun in your workplace?

VR and LÍV take an active part in international co-operation between trade unions, e.g. at UNI Europa which is part of Union Network International. There is a wide range of co-operation between trade unions and, among other things, various studies are carried out on the working environment and conditions of workers in Europe. A study is currently being carried out on the impact of technological change on the working environment and the work of employees, with an emphasis on examining the use of artificial intelligence (AI). In this study, UNI, in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, asks workers across Europe about their experience of their workplace and attitudes when it comes to artificial intelligence.
The fourth industrial revolution and its impact on the labor market has been discussed for several years, and it will have a significant impact on the work environment for most of us. The fourth industrial revolution refers to, among other things, automation and artificial intelligence, but the use of artificial intelligence is a key element in the fourth industrial revolution.

VR has worked to meet these technological changes by focusing on preparing members for the challenges that will accompany these changes. VR places special emphasis on ensuring the continuing education of those who are already in the labor market and the democratic participation of employees on company boards.

We encourage VR members to participate in the UNI Europa study by responding to the survey, which is available in both English and Polish.

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