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News - 26.02.2024

VR-School of Life celebrates its 10th anniversary!

VR-School of Life is an online education platform with entertaining videos and activities about rights and responsibilities in the workplace. It started its journey in 2014 at VR and celebrates 10 years this year! VR embraces the fact that the content still thrives and serves an important purpose in VR's preventive work for young people in the labor market. Now the content is being used in secondary schools across the country. A survey was conducted among participants for the 10th anniversary, and 92% of respondents say that they believe VR-School of Life will be beneficial to them.

To celebrate the anniversary, VR is hosting a game for those students who complete the online course in 2024. To enter the game, students need to complete a short quiz about the content after going through the online course. Ten winners will be drawn every month from January to April and then again from September to November. In total, there will be 70 winners who will receive a 10,000 ISK gift voucher from YAY.

Already, 10 lucky winners have received a gift voucher in January, and the draw for February will take place this week. VR thanks for the warm welcome and enjoyment of the online course.