VR’s Code of Ethics

Article 1 Respect
We conduct our work with the interests of VR members as our guiding principle and protect the union’s honour.

Article 2. Precedent
We pledge to promote this Code of Ethics and support it by leading by example

Article 3 Honesty
We carry out our work with faithfulness and honesty. We report all personal interests that may have an undue influence on our work for the union.

Article 4 Responsibility
We perform our duties conscientiously and are always ready to take responsibility for our work. If we are subject to a public investigation that may harm the union's interests, we will step down until the matter is resolved.

Article 5 Transparency
We honour the basic principles of good governance in our work. We should always be able to justify our decisions and let legitimate and relevant considerations prevail.

Article 6 Objectivity
We take care to be objective and make decisions based on merit, including when we make public appearances, enter into agreements or take a stand on individual issues. We never let kinship, relationships, friendships, or self-interest dictate our decision in our work for VR.

Article 7 Justice
We are guided by equality and work against prejudice and discrimination, e.g. on the basis of gender, nationality, religion, age, sex, opinion, race, colour, economic status, ancestry, or status in any other respect.

Approved by the Board on 14 April 2010.