Career development advice

Career development is intended to prevent job stagnation so that individuals will rather grow performing the tasks that come with their jobs. So it is not necessarily encouraged to change your career, but rather to formulate/adopt new methods in carrying out the tasks that the job offers. People may feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to get started in this process, as there are many and varied options to choose from. It is also difficult for many people to find out where to get information, even if the interest is certainly there. On VR's Career Development website, a subpage on VR's website, you can find many good tips and tools that can be used in such a journey. VR wants to make this process easier for its members and therefore offers ongoing career development advice for its members in collaboration with Mímir-lifelong learning. VR offered its members such a service last autumn and this spring with good results and hopes it will be well received.

How does the career development consultation work?
A VR member registers for an interview under "More" on My pages on The interviews are on-line, take about 30 minutes and are conducted through the easy-to-use Teams application. To start the interview a link is sent to the relevant member.
No special preparation is required for the interview, which can also be conducted in English upon request. Mímir-lifelong learning will show VR members how important it is to be an active participant in their own skill development process, as well as to be open to learning about different ways to skill development. The advice is useful in a number of ways, as VR members can e.g. receive information about educational resources, practical skills assessment and job opportunities.