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News - 24.10.2023

Dear Sisters

Today, October 24th, is our day. Women's Day Off (ísl. Kvennafrídagurinn) was held for the first time in 1975 when thousands of women left their jobs, making their voices heard and capturing global attention. Since then, women have occasionally stepped out of work on this day to emphasize the demand for equality.

Now, almost half a century from the first Women's Day Off, we are stepping out of our jobs again. We do this to demonstrate solidarity and highlight that the gender pay gap persists in the job market, despite decades of hard-fought battles. We ask, " You call this equality?"

Women and non-binary individuals at VR, I encourage you to abstain from paid and unpaid work today and attend the solidarity meeting.

Selma Björk Grétarsdóttir,
Vice chairman of VR