News - 18.02.2022

Election to the board of VR for the year 2022 completed

At a meeting of VR's Consultative Council yesterday, Thursday 17. February 2022, the proposal of the union's board was approved regarding two principal members of VR's board for a term of two years and three alternate members for a one year term. An additional five principal members were uncontested as the required number of candidates was not received so that the elections of seven principal seats and the three alternate seats elected annually could be held.

Likewise, the list of the board of VR and the Consultative Council was uncontested for 41 seats in the union's Consultative Council for the election term 2022 - 2024, as there was no counter list offered up for election.

The following will therefore be on the board of VR for the next two years, and their election will be declared at VR's Annual General Meeting on 28. March 2022.

Principal board members:

  1. Selma Björk Grétarsdóttir – uncontested
  2. Jónas Yngvi Ásgrímsson – uncontested
  3. Fríða Thoroddsen – uncontested
  4. Bjarni Þór Sigurðsson – uncontested
  5. Þorvarður Bergmann Kjartansson – uncontested
  6. Sigrún Guðmundsdóttir – proposed by the board
  7. Sigríður Lovísa Jónsdóttir – proposed by the board

Alternate board members:

  1. Arnþór Sigurðsson– proposed by the board
  2. Sirrý Hallgrímsdóttir– proposed by the board
  3. Friðrik Boði Ólafsson– proposed by the board