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News - 16.12.2020

Lectures and courses for VR members

VR offers its members interesting courses and lectures and next year there will be an increase in this service. During the spring semester we will cover many exciting topics and all members should be able to find something of interest. The material is beneficials for those who are working but VR has also added special courses for those who are job searching. There will also be more courses in English and some luLectures and courses for VR membersnch lectures will have English subtitles.
The service will be online because then it is available to more members, flexibility incerases and the VR member zones outside of Reykjavik can also easily access this service. All further information about lectures and courses is available in VR‘s event calendar and on our Facebook page. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this service and that it will be of benefit.

Click here to view the Event calendar and sign up for courses and lectures.