Athugið að þessi frétt er meira en ársgömul.

News - 06.01.2021

Slower web due to holiday cottage bookings today

VR members please note that we expect a slower web and telephone service from 7pm today, 6. January when we open for holiday cottage bookings for the summer 2021.

On our holiday cottage web pages (Icelandic only) you will find information about the VR cottages and rental periods. If you wish to book and pay for a holiday cottage, or other holiday services on offer, you will need to log into My pages. You can log in with Íslykill or other digital certificates. We will also take bookings on the telephone (tel. 510 1700 ) from 7pm on 6. January.

Due to Covid-19 the VR office is closed and members will not be able to visit us at the office to book a cottage.

See more information here.