News - 10.10.2023

VR encourages you to participate!

A women‘s strike has been called on 24 October 2023 under the banner You call this equality? VR encourages its members to participate in the fight for equal rights on this day. VR also calls upon companies to show solidarity through action, by allowing women and non-binary individuals to strike on this day without loss of wages.
Labour unions and a variety of other organizations who campaign for women‘s and gay rights are organizing this year ‘s event. Women and non-binary individuals are encouraged to not show up for work on this day and to not perform any domestic labour associated with the second and third shifts.

Women ‘s Day Off (í. Kvennafrídagurinn) was first held on 24 October 1975 when 90% of Icelandic women participated in a strike to demonstrate the importance of their work to society. Much has been achieved in the past decades, but the principal demand of the initial strike has still not been met; men and women do not stand on equal footing in the workplaces. The demand of this year ‘s strikes is to eradicate gender-based violence and recognize the true value of women ‘s work.

VR encourages women and non-binary individuals to fully participate in this important event if they are able to do so. Outdoor meetings will be held throughout Iceland on this day. In Reykjavík, the meeting will be held at Arnarhóll at 14:00. VR encourages companies to ensure that women and non-binary individuals can participate in the proceedings.

Click here to read frequently asked questions about the 2023 women ‘s strike.

See you at the nearest outdoor meeting on 24 October!