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News - 19.10.2023

The 33rd congress of the Commercial Federation of Iceland opened this morning

The 33rd congress of the Commercial Federation of Iceland, LÍV, opened at Hotel Selfoss this morning, Thursday, October 19th, 2023, and concludes Friday, October 20th. Ragnar Þór Ingólfsson, chairman of LÍV, opened the congress and Finnbjörn Hermannsson, president of ASÍ, addressed representatives.

Among the presenters are Auður Alfa Ólafsdóttir from ASÍ who will give a talk on a just transition, and Victor Karl Magnússon from VR who will talk about the future of work in the digital world. Linda Palmetzhofer, chairwoman of Handels in Sweden, will give a talk on the situation of workers in commerce and trade in the Nordic countries.

The second day of the congress will be devoted to work in relation to VR/LÍV's demands in the upcoming collective agreements negotiations.

73 representatives from VR and 14 representatives from LÍV member associations from all over the country attend the congress.