News - 21.10.2021

VR now collaborating with 1819 Torgið

Using modern technology, VR members can now easily access various offers and discounts. All offers are now at hand, on your smartphone.

VR now collaborating with 1819 Torgið

Recently, VR and 1819 Torgið began a collaboration that makes getting discounts for VR members more accessible and convenient to use. It is no longer necessary to look up offers on our website or show a VR membership card as the offers will now all be in one place and within reach of members' smartphones.

What is the 1819 Torgið?

1819 Torgið is a service provider that manages discounts and offers with a number of partners and delivers the service with an app for smartphones that can be downloaded free of charge.
At 1819 Torgið you can get all kinds of offers for goods and services from many companies. At 1819 Torgið there are numerous product categories that include discounts and offers for you, your family, your home and vehicle. You can monitor the product categories that suit you personally and you will receive notifications on your phone when offers come in the categories that you have specifically chosen to monitor.

More available for VR members

VR members get all the usual VR offers that have so far been available to members as well as those from so-called key companies that offer fixed special offers throughout the year. All members need to do is to download the app and get started. When registration in 1819 Torgið is completed, members will see that access has been opened for two areas. On the one hand, the area "Torgið" where you can find the key companies and then the "VR" area where special offers only for VR members can be found. This category includes fixed discounts, but will also include seasonal offers that are active for three months at a time and will then be replaced by new offers.

How can I get started?

You download the 1819 Torgið app and create an account. Instructions on how to log in to activate priority access will be available on your VR My pages. There will also be an introductory video showing how the app works. When registration is complete, you have access to the special VR offers and the key companies, but you can also view everything else that is available for the app's users. You can customize when bids appear in the app based on your interests. There are about 200 product categories along with the days that the user wants to receive offer notifications on their phone and it is also possible to choose from which region the offers come. It is very easy to clear everything that has been selected and start over. When you come across something exciting, you can save the offer and activate it at your convenience.

The map

In the app you will find a map that shows all the offers that are available at 1819 Torgið. This way, users can easily see what is available near their location. Users also see quickly and safely whether the offers are active at the moment or not because they are color-coded according to their position in real time. Green is active and red is not active. This design means that users do not have to go on a wasted journey if the app is used. For those users who want to use a specific map, Torgið offers the option to choose between Apple, Google and Waze.

All information in one place

Users see which companies have offers as well as detailed listings about the companies themselves, opening hours, phone numbers, email addresses and URLs to websites and social media to name a few. The user therefore does not need to search for further information about the company giving the offer because they are all in the app along with the offer itself.