News - 29.04.2022

Wage increase and economic growth wage increase 2022

During our last wage agreements it was agreed for the first time to have annexes that would take into account the state of the economy. In this way, workers would receive a fixed ISK figure as a special wage increase on their monthly wages if a certain increase in economic growth is achieved. In order for the increase in economic growth to take effect, economic growth per capita had to exceed 1%. For the year 2021, the growth per capita rose by 2.53% between years. This guaranteed VR members a pay scales increase of ISK 10,500 per month and an increase in general wages by ISK 7,875. per month.

It was agreed that the increase would be paid out on 1. May 2022, and therefore the rates and monthly salary will increase from 1. April 2022.

We would also like to remind VR members that on 1. January 2022 pay scales  increased by 25.000 ISK and a general wage increase was 17.250 ISK.