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News - 21.09.2023

What is your digital competence?

On stafraenhaefni.is you can take a self-assessment test that gives you an idea of what your digital competence is and compares it to others in your profession.

The digital competence wheel is a self-assessment test that takes approximately 12-15 minutes to complete. Participants assess their own abilities in 16 different skill areas and answer questions that appear in a linear process. There are 63 questions in total.

After completing a self-assessment test, the participant receives an email with their results displayed in a so-called radar chart, showing their proficiency in 16 different areas of digital competence. In addition to the results regarding digital competence, the participant receives recommendations on areas for improvement and suggestions on how to do so.

The main goal of VR with regards to the digital competence wheel is to provide members with the opportunity to map their own digital competence with the aim of providing them with an idea of the aspects that are generally classified as digital competence.

Members can see where they are doing well and where they can make improvements to compare favourably with others in the same profession.

Learn more about the matter at stafraenhaefni.is