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News - 24.06.2020

Did you just lose your job? Micro-course on our web

VR members now have the opportunity to watch a 90 minute micro-course on our web, a course designed for those who have been laid off by their employer. The course will be available until September 30 on My pages on and is with English subtitles.

First an expert in the field of labour reviews the legal status of a person that has been laid off and then discusses important issues regarding the application for unemployment benefits to the Directorate of Labor after the period of notice has expired.

Next, psychologist Jóhann Ingi Gunnarsson discusses how we can work with and change our attitudes and habits to achieve our best when we fall on hard times. Emphasis is placed on useful strategies for dealing with change in challenging situations.

Jóhann Ingi Gunnarsson has done decades of clinical work with individuals, as well as holding numerous courses and lectures for companies and institutions both here in Iceland and abroad. It may also be mentioned that he has long worked in the field of sports, e.g. as a national coach as well as being a psychological coach for many of our top athletes.