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News - 15.07.2020

Keep your rights!

There is a lot to think about when you lose your job and it can be very important to keep paying membership fees to VR to preserve rights, e.g. in the vocational fund and the sick pay fund. To continue payments to VR, a certain box needs to be filled out with VR in the application for unemployment benefits.

All rights within the vocational fund are lost if payments are not received for six months and rights to the sick pay funds are also lost if membership fees are not paid from unemployment benefits.

If VR members are already receiving unemployment benefits and are uncertain about whether membership fees are being paid it is very easy to sign in to My Pages at the Directorate of Labour, choose Personal information and then Banking information, pension fund and union to see if it has been chosen. If not, it is possible to change it there yourself.

Please note that this only applies to those who were VR members by the time they lost their job, or have been VR members for 36 months of the last 5 years.

If further information is needed members can contact VR service center, which is open all week days from 8:30-16:00