Elections in VR

The elections of chairman and Board of VR, which lasted from 8 March until 12:00 noon on March 15, 2023 are now over. Total number of votes cast 11997*. There were a total of 39,206 members on the electoral roll. Voter turnout was 30,6%, which is the highest turnout in elections for chairman and Board.

The results are as follows:

Chairman of VR for two years:
Ragnar Þór Ingólfsson

Seven Board members for two years, according to the rules provided for in Article 20. of VR’s laws
Halla Gunnarsdóttir
Sigurður Sigfússon
Svanhildur Ólöf Þórsteinsdóttir
Ólafur Reimar Gunnarsson
Jennifer Schröder
Þórir Hilmarsson
Vala Ólöf Kristinsdóttir

Three alternate Board members for one year:
Ævar Þór Magnússon
Kristjana Þorbjörg Jónsdóttir
Gabríel Benjamin

These are duly elected according to Article 20 of VR's laws and their term of office begins at VR's Annual General Meeting for the year 2023, which will be held at the end of March.

See here the results in total (Icelandic only)

*Please note that the number for voters has been updated from 11996 to 11997.

Who is entitled to vote?

All full VR members have the right to vote in the elections. There are also older members on the electoral register (ceasing employment due to age) who paid a membership fee at the age of 67 and had paid at least 50 months of 60 during the final five years before reaching the age of 67.

Information for voting members

All members entitled to vote will be sent information by email about how the voting will take place. Access to the electronic ballot can be found above. Those who do not have access to a ballot but believe they have the right to participate in the vote can send a message to the electoral commission, either to the email address kjorstjorn@vr.is or by post marked VR’s electoral commission, Hús verslunarinnar, Kringlan 7, 103 Reykjavík, before the end of the election. The deadline to appeal the decision is the end of the election.

List of VR´s Consultative Council 2023 – 2025

See list here.