VR wage calculator September 2022

VR's wage calculator tells you the median wage and the average wage of members in September 2022 by job title, both within industries and without regard to industries.

VR's wage research is based on a wage calculator on My pages on VR’s web site, My wages. The figures published for September 2022 are based on the wages of over 13,000 members who have registered job titles and working hours on My pages. All wage comparisons are for full-time employment only.

Wage calculation is based on membership fees, i.e. only wages from which membership fees are paid. Wage figures where there are few answers should be viewed with caution as they may not be descriptive of the whole group. Figures are not published for a particular job title unless the respondents are at least ten.

Base wages are calculated on the basis of total wages and information on the number of overtime hours that members record on My pages. Education, experience or other such factors are not taken into account.
VR's industry classification is based on the ÍSAT classification, which is adapted to VR's needs.

How to use the calculator?

The wage calculator below shows wages for September 2022, by job title only or by job title within industries. Note that to switch between base and total wages, click the Calculate button after selecting. By clicking on the plus in front of Wage distribution at the bottom of the page, you can see information on the wage distribution, from the lowest to the highest wage.