VR Wage Survey 2023

The wage survey is published on the VR website and on My Pages. On My Pages, VR members can see how their wages compare with the median value of others in a comparable job. On my Pages you will find information about working hours, job title, education and management responsibilities.

The wage survey that is published on the union’s public website is based on a single month and is published twice a year: Once in May, when wages for February are published. and once in December, when wages for September are published. Results are solely based on wages for a full-time job, wages for part-time positions are not calculated.

The results of the wage survey on the public website are published in a calculator found on the website. Total wages and monthly wages for the whole group are weighed in respect to gender, age, and industry in order to reflect the composition of the union. The weighted number is based on average wage, median wage, and quartile and is shown as total salary (top line) in the wage table “Wage by job title,” at the bottom of the calculator page. All other wage numbers or unweighted. You can choose between monthly wages and total wages.

Please note that the results from the wage survey serve as a reference point for wages in a particular job and/or industry and we recommend that members look at wage tables of different professions and wage developments in general. We also want to encourage members to update their information on My Pages, since the reliability of the data is based on the information they provide.

Changes in methodology

A change was made in the methodology of the wage survey in February 2021 in order to decrease the influence of wage changes between months that stemmed from end of employment payments, bonuses, or other incidental payments. Large variations in wages are corrected in line with wage developments of the VR members in question in recent periods and years. In this way, the wages in the reference month better reflect the wage history of the person in question.

  • Total wages show the average of all wages for which membership fees are paid to VR, irrespective of whether they are for daytime work only or include overtime. The average of the total wages of all respondents with the job title in question are shown in the comparison group.
  • Monthly wages are estimated if working hours per week exceed a 100% position. They are calculated on the basis of total wages for which membership fees are paid to VR. Working hours in excess of a full-time position are calculated as overtime.
    The monthly wages shown are therefore for a full-time position, i.e. 36.75 hours per week for office workers and 38.75 hours for service personnel.

Factors such as education and experience are not weighed, and it is important that members keep this in mind when viewing the figures. The results are based on paid member fees to VR. Payments from VR Funds, the Unemployment Insurance Fund, and the Maternity and Paternity Leave Fund, however, are not included.