Offers to VR members

Over 150 offers to VR members with the Spara app

The Spara app is a brand new service platform that stores hundreds of offers on a variety of products and services from partners for consumers. Discounts are up to 30% percent, and easy to use with one click. VR and the Spara app work together and combine all your bargains in one place.

The Spara app is very easy to use. Consumers download the app to their phone and log in with their electronic ID. The system then immediately sees which groups the person belongs to and the user immediately sees in the app which discount terms are available to them. When registering, the user chooses their favourite product categories, thus facilitating access to those offers that could be most useful to them.

VR has around 150 offers in the Spara app, and that does not include the offers available to the user in other groups to which they belong, such as an employee association at their workplace, a sports club and other groups, but numerous groups are already registered in the Spara app and the number is constantly increasing. The variety of services and product categories is great and spans everything from "pleasure devices to vehicle condition inspections"!

The Spara app saves time that would otherwise be spent looking for discounts on websites or company employee pages. The Spara app can also save consumers a considerable amount of money with how easy it is to use the discount with one click and we always have our phone in our pocket.

How do I find offers?

  • Once you have logged in with your electronic ID, all offers available to you will appear in the app.
  • To activate a certain offer, you simply click on it and can use it immediately upon payment.
  • The variety of discount terms is actually such that it also pays to try to look up the name of the store when you are buying something. If the relevant service provider has an offer for your group, it will appear immediately and you can activate the discount.

The Spara app is built on the foundation of 1819 Torgið. Those VR members who have that app are advised that the app needs to be updated to Spara.