Subsidy for camper rentals

VR members can rent campers, camper vans and mobile homes from approved hire companies and receive a subsidy from VR upon presentation of a receipt. The subsidy is ISK 5,000. per night of rental but to a maximum of six nights for each calendar year, the maximum refund is therefore ISK 30,000. Payment is made after the stay ends against full payment for the caravan, the rental period must be stated on the receipt.

Attention is drawn to the fact that members cannot take advantage of such a refund with other VR holiday-related options, i.e a subsidy for accommodation or booking a holiday cottage in the summer of 2024. The subsidy must be applied for before 20 December each year, after which applications are closed.

Members are asked to keep in mind the following regarding income tax on these grants:
An employee's income shall not include payment from the employer, or, as the case may be, a trade union, which is intended to cover the cost of renting holiday accommodation or otherwise for the payment of holiday accommodation, to the extent that such payment does not exceed ISK 55,000. in a year. It is a condition that the employee / member submits valid and unquestionable invoices for payment of the costs of this holiday stay.