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News - 25.01.2021

A shorter working week, one year later

On 1. January 2020, just over one year ago, a shorter working week took effect for VR members, but we had made an agreement in VR’s collective wage agreement in 2019 about a fixed 45-minute reduction per week. We hope that the reduction implementation has been successful but it was in the hands of each workplace and an agreement should have been reached between employers and employees on the basis of the following options:

  • Each day is shortened by 9 minutes
  • Each week is shortened by 45 minutes
  • The time is collected within the year
  • Shortened working hours on other terms

At the time VR launched a major promotional campaign on the shortening working hours and launched a website with all the relevant information for its members. There you can find questions and answers about shorter working hours, suggestions for implementations, articles and interviews as well as other informative material.

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