News - 16.11.2021

Third shift – Lunch lecture and course!

In connection with VR's campaign on the third shift - the mental workload, we offer members an online lunch lecture and an online course on the subject. The lunch lecture deals with positive masculinity and the seminar deals with the mental workload and the division of household tasks.

Positive masculinity and equality - Online lunch lecture

How and why does positive masculinity support equality and how does harmful masculinity affect men and women? This lecture will review the relationship between ideas of masculinity and gender roles, shed light on typical manifestations of masculinity and point out useful ways for men to support equality in their environment. The lecturer is Þorsteinn V. Einarsson, teacher and MA in gender studies.

See further information and registration here. 

The mental workload and division of houshold tasks - Online course

This course will discuss challenges related to the mental workload and the division household tasks, which couples often struggle with. This problem may seem intangible but often creates dissatisfaction in relationships and communication, as well as causing stress and discomfort. The lecturer is the psychologist Hulda Jónsdóttir Tölgyes.

See further information and registration here. (Icelandic only)

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