Senior Citizens’ Council

The VR Senior Citizens’ Council has of three representatives from the VR Board, three elected representatives, selected by senior VR members, the chairman of the VR, as well as two alternates who are also senior VR members. The term of office of representatives in the council is two years at a time, and the aim is to have an equal gender distribution in the council.

The role of the Senior Citizens’ Council is to advise the board of VR regarding the policy of VR when it comes to senior VR members, to work in cooperation with other trade unions and interest groups of senior citizens for the rights of older VR members vis-à-vis employers, pension funds, local authorities, and the government.

The Senior Council of VR has, among other things, drafted VR's demands on behalf of VR's senior members in relation to the collective bargaining agreements, which VR was the first trade union to formulate. In addition, VR's Senior Council has produced two television programs with a focus on VR's fight on behalf of senior members, the first in connection with the parliamentary elections in 2021 and the second in connection with local government elections in 2022. The Senior Citizens’ Council also holds briefings for senior members of the VR union, as well as working with the Gray Army, the National Association of Elderly Citizens and the Tenants' Association in relation to the common interests of seniors.