Deadline for Candidacy

What is being voted on?

Article 20 of the VR’s bylaws deals with the election of the Chairman, the Board, Alternate Board and the Consultative Council. In the general election in 2024, seven seats on the Board for two years, and three seats on the Alternate Board for one year will be elected in individual elections.

The bylaws state that the Board and the Consultative Council must put together a list of 41 people for the Consultative Council for two years, and the nominating committee of the Board and the Consultative Council has advertised for individual candidacies for the list. If another list is submitted to the Consultative Council, a vote will be taken between the lists.

How to apply for candidacy?

Cf. Article 5 of the VR bylaws, all full members have the right to stand for office in the union, with the exceptions mentioned in Article 3 of the bylaws that states that young people aged 15 and under, self-employed in the labour market, and those who have retired due to age or disability do not have the right to stand for office.

Attention is drawn to the fact that cf. Article 11 of the VR bylaws, board members must be in control of their own finances, meet the general qualification requirements, and may not, in the past 5 years, have suffered a judgement for a punishable offence. Board members may not own more than a 5% share in a company operating in the area covered by the union and it is not permissible for them to be employed as managing directors of a company, institution or organization where they have the same legal position as if they were the employer. On the basis of this provision, candidates for the Board are therefore required to enclose with their candidacies a declaration of confidentiality stating that they meet these conditions.

A written endorsement from 15 VR members is required for individual candidacy to the Board.

In order for a list to the Consultative Council presented against the list of the nomination committee to be legally presented, the written endorsement of 300 VR members as well as the written consent of the candidates on the list is required. Templates for recommendation sheets can be obtained here:

Please note that candidacies must be accompanied by information about the candidate's name and ID number. Furthermore, the Election Committee requests that candidates include information about the telephone number and email address of candidates to Chairman, the Board and list representatives.

The deadline for candidacy is at 12:00 pm on Monday, 5 February 2024.

Applications for candidacies, along with a sufficient number of supporters, must be submitted to the office of VR, Hús verslunarinnar, Kringlan 7, 1st floor, marked Kjörstjórn VR (Election Committee.)

For further information, you can contact the commission by phone on 510 1700 or by email to

24 January 2024
VR’s Election Committee