VR's Company of the Year survey has begun!

By participating in VR's survey on Company of the Year you contribute to the fight for a better working environment.

VR's Company of the Year survey has begun and you can participate on My Pages at vr.is. The survey is also sent to all VR members, in employment, by e-mail. All employees of more than 150 companies, regardless of union membership, can also participate as these companies guarantee all their employees the right to take part. The survey runs until midnight on March 27.

If you believe you have the right to participate in the survey but do not have access to My pages, please contact us via vr@vr.is.

We encourage you to participate and make your voice heard!

Grand prizes – announced after the survey ends
3 x iPhone 15
15 Yay gift certificates

Company of the year 2024

A total of 15 companies are nominated as Company of the Year each year (see here for more details on the survey, in Icelandic only). The results are published on VR's website in May.