20. feb.
9:00-12:00 VR's meeting room on the 9th floor and online via Teams
Bjorn Berg


Seminar for VR members - Retirement in Iceland

20th of February at 9:00-12:00
Lecturer: Björn Berg Gunnarsson, financial advisor

A comprehensive lecture on the most important aspects on pension and retirement in Iceland.

Among topics of discussion:

  • How we can improve our finances later in life
  • Assets and sources of income
  • When to apply for pension payments
  • The role of supplementary pensions and other private pension
  • The possibility of part-time work and receiving a half pension
  • Icelandic pension in other countries
  • Financial security of spouse and children

The lecture is practical and suits anyone who has not already started withdrawing pension, especially those under the age of 60. The younger the participants, the more they can commit today to improve their financial situation at retirement age.
Björn Berg Gunnarsson is an experienced lecturer on pension matters in Iceland. Björn was previously director of research and financial education at Íslandsbanki bank.

The course will be held in VR’s meeting room on the 9th floor of Kringlan 7. Morning refreshments will be provided for those attending in person. It is also possible to participate through Teams. Choose the option that suits you here above.

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