27. sep.
9:00-10:30 VR's meeting room on the 9th floor and online via Teams
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Seminar for VR members - Wage interview

27 September 09:00-10:30
Instructor: Gylfi Dalmann, associate professor at the University of Iceland

The course will cover salary negotiations and how employees can prepare. It will go over the factors which determine employee value and discuss career development, skills, and career advancement plans. Participants will assess their own contributions at work, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities to improve their working positions. Participants will examine their knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, success and job performance. The course will address aspects related to preparing for the salary interview and describe the main methods of negotiation tactics used in such an interview. The VR wage calculator, its analysis, and how it can be utilized in preparing for the salary interview will also be covered.

Gylfi Dalmann Aðalsteinsson is an associate professor at the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Iceland. His expertise lies in human resource management, labor market economics, and communication in the labor market.

The course will be held in VR’s new meeting room on the 9th floor of Kringlan 7. Morning refreshments will be provided for those attending in person. It is also possible to participate through Teams, since the meeting room is well equipped with technology for a hybrid course. Choose the option that suits you here above. Upon registration, you will receive a reminder at the email address you have registered with VR.

If you register as a digital participant, you will receive a link in your email. You can see the email address you have registered on My Pages. You can also add the event to your calendar by clicking on the button that appears during registration.