23. feb.
Stefania Olafsdottir


Webinar - The Art of Meditation

Instructor: Stefanía Ólafsdóttir teacher and founder of www.heillastjarna.is

Meditation has rearly played a greater role in society than right now. Meditation helps us to rest our minds from external distractions and to nurture peace and tranquility within us. The course is intended for beginners as well as advanced students and will teach simple but effective meditation exercises aimed at building inner peace and strength of the participants. We will focus on the usefulness of meditation in helping the participants to cope with the challenges of daily life.

At the end of the course, participants are welcome to use Lotusapp which is , Lótushús' free meditation app, for continued practice. Lótushús is a meditation school that has been operated in Iceland for over 20 years and thousands of Icelanders have benefited from the school's activities. See more about Lótushús on their website, lotushus.is/

The instructor Stefanía Ólafsdóttir has practiced and taught Raja Yoga meditation in Lótushús since 2003. She is also the founder of the children's meditation website heillastjarna.is/. Stefanía has an unwavering belief in the power of meditation and has personally experienced how inner transformation through meditation can lead to very positive changes in life.

The webinar will be online on Zoom. It requires active participation and is therefore only available at this advertised time. Further instructions and a link will be sent to registered participants the day before the webinar.